We are the best at transportation

Hi Five logistics is a team of logistics experts who specialise in providing transportation solutions to Canadian and American residents. We have a team of over 20 people who understand the value of providing excellent delivery services.

Full truck load

As a company or an individual that needs full truckload services, we at Hi five logistics can get you this service effectively. We have professionals who know how to arrange your load to keep them well placed in the full truck and promptly deliver them. Hi five logistics can give you excellent full truckload services when you come in today.

Partial truck load

We have different partial truckload options that you can choose from for your half-truck delivery. If you want a section of the truck, we can make it work with our partial truckload services. At Hi five, we guide every good with our sophisticated technology and proper proceedings for every cargo.

Dry van load

We take care of dry loads such as paper products, machines, or beverages in Hi five logistics. This service usually comes with a specialized truck that has been appropriately screened to accommodate dry products. Every one of our services comes with unmatched excellence incorporated into dry van load services.


Do you need to transport hazardous materials and want to trust a hazmat-specialized logistics firm, then Hi five is the place to be. We are skilled with the right information and experience needed to get your hazardous cargo to its desired destination. We will follow all the regulations expected under Canadian and United States Acts to ensure your industrial chemicals or hazardous goods get to their destination on time.

Freezer Loads

We transport freezer loads at Hi five, which includes food items or other perishable items. If you want to keep your goods fresh and intact when it reaches their destination, then using our freezer loads services is the best option for you today.

Long haul

There are long-distance services in Hi five logistics. We are available 24/7 to meet all your logistics needs today. All your long-haul needs will be attended to when you come in today.

Expedite loads

If you need expedited loads delivered today, come into Hi five logistics, and we will help you get it done. We will pick it up and do the delivery to your preferred location.

Over Size/ Overloads

For oversized goods that need specialized trucks, we can handle it at Hi five logistics as we know just how to transport such goods. We have trucks for flatbeds also and would give your goods the security it needs.

Container load

The container load service we provide is of different sizes. If you need to fill a container with a bulky or weighty item, we will help you ship it anywhere in Canada or the United States. We have standardized containers that accommodate such shipments, and we would move the item no matter the volume. Our customer care is available to reach you anytime. Call us today.